Covid - 19 Update

Director's Letter—March 30, 2020

Dear Families,


The CARES Act stimulus bill signed by President Trump late last week has provided us the opportunity to offer you a 15% discount on tuition for the remainder of this school year. Staff has already begun preparing the invoices to reflect the discount, and invoices will be emailed to you no later then Friday afternoon.


Throughout the remainder of the year, teachers will continue to utilize lesson plans and curriculum through online instruction. Teachers will continue to stay in touch with students by offering support and assistance through face-to-face instruction, videos, emails and texts. As we move forward, I have confidence the online experience will continue to improve.


While online education is different than what Piñon Hills Academy (PHA) has offered thus far, here are a few of the reasons we would encourage you to keep your student enrolled at PHA:


Teacher-to-Student Interaction

       • Your child’s teacher knows them and their learning style.

       • Your child’s teacher can provide education that will make sure your child does not fall behind.

       • Your child’s teacher can make sure your child gets the skills they need to succeed next year on a personal level.


Student-to-Student Interaction

       • While we are honoring social distancing right now, it is important for your child to still remain connected to peers
           with interaction, even if it is online.

       • Our current schedule includes face-to-face interaction at least three times a week.

       • This social interaction is imperative to continue to develop your child’s social skills during this time.


Gathering for Pledge & Prayer

       • Each morning we will continue to gather to start the day.

       • The Pledge & Prayer encourages devotion to both our country and to God during a time of uncertainty.

       • The Pledge & Prayer create consistency for a daily starting point to gain productivity from your child.


Chapel Lessons

       • Chapel lessons allow your child to sing songs and continue to learn biblical lessons we started earlier in the year.
           These lessons build upon one another, and chapel will allow your child to continue to grow in their understanding
           of biblical truths.


PE & Music

       • PHA will continue to offer both PE and Music activities for your child to grow physically and mentally during this time.


End-of-Year Celebration

       • Our staff is already planning a special End-of-Year celebration that your child won’t want to miss out on!

While so much has changed as a result of this fast-moving and unpredictable situation, it is important to have as much consistency for students as possible. Consistency and repetition is key for continued learning. I would encourage you to have your child get dressed and ready for school to keep things as much “normal” as you can. PHA students and staff will continue to connect over videos, have Zoom meetings, and PE and Music activities to keep the day on schedule. In the coming days, specific classes may even get together online so students can have increased social time during by having lunch together with their friends.


It is important to keep the relationship between teacher and student in order to reduce the stress as we journey through this new environment. I want you to know that I believe the faculty can successfully complete this semester.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email at


Thank you for your support, patience and flexibility during this time. Please know that our staff is praying for you and your family every day.


Here to serve,


Cindy Morphis

Director of Education

Director's Letter—March 13, 2020

Dear Families,


On March 12, 2020, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, the New Mexico Public Education Department and the New Mexico Department of Health announced that New Mexico K-12 public schools will close for three weeks beginning Monday, March 16, in response to the ongoing international novel coronavirus pandemic. The public closures will begin at the end of the school day today, Friday, March 13.


The administration at Piñon Hills Academy (PHA) and the Promiseland Child Development Center (PLCDC) have the desire to protect each of our students and families to the best of our ability, and we believe closing in alignment with the public-school systems will best serve our families.


Therefore, PHA and PLCDC will be closing after normal business hours today and extending for a minimum of 3 weeks. PHA students will have the capability of completing schoolwork online. Instructions for online schoolwork and/or additional assignments will be sent home with students today.


Please check this page for future updates related to COVID-19.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the information provided below.


Cindy Morphis
Director of Education


Health Update—March 13, 2020

8:00AM Update

• Piñon Hills Academy (PHA) and Promiseland Child Development Center (PLCDC) will be closing after normal business hours today, Friday, March 13, extending for a minimum of 3 weeks.


• PHA students will have the capability of completing schoolwork online. Instructions for online schoolwork and/or additional assignments will be sent home with students today.


• Starting on Monday, March 16, students may not be dropped off at PHA or PLCDC until further notice.

Health Update—March 12, 2020

2:15PM Update

• Currently, classes will continue as scheduled until further notice. This situation has been rapidly-developing, so please

check back to this web page for the latest updates.


• Our staff is working to create strategies related to COVID-19 to ensure prevention and responsibility. Preparation is not

the same as panic. While we are preparing, we are not panicking.


• We have a cleaning team actively sanitizing surfaces throughout our facilities, including the church, café, schools and offices.


• The church will move to online services starting Sunday, March 15, 2020, through at least Sunday, April 12, 2020. We will reassess as we go.




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